About us

Kubilay & Tamer Kardesler I used to dream of engaging in Tourism during the years of my studentship. We deemed the name “SELENES” suitable for the pension that we established with the support of our father, retired teacher Ahmet Karabulut, in 1989 so as to sustain the legend of the famous Moon Goddess Selene of Mountain Latmos by Lake Bafa. The fact that our region probably has the most beautiful climate, flora and fauna of the world for alternative tourism, its archaeological structure which dates back to 9000-11000 years, the unique bays of Lake Bafa which was separated from the sea, and the spectacular nature which was created by the human being and the nature together directed me towards tourism. Herakleia Antique City is far distant from mass tourism due to its status of being under protection in natural and archaeological terms.

I started promoting our region in tourism magazines in 1990 for the first time and I prepared trekking routes in the very same year on Beşparmak Mountains. We are a “natural born environmentalist” family who do not harm the environment, the nature, animals or humans. I prepared routes for bird observation and botanical tracks around Lake Bafa with the information I received from ornithologists and biologists.

 With the promotion and alternative tour projects of my brother Tamer and me; Kubilay Karabulut, and the constructive criticism of our guests who visited our pension, we achieved positive improvement by participating in many environmental protection associations and created this authentic, warm and friendly boutique-style place that we have today. As the Karabulut family, we aimed to ensure that our nature-lover guests accommodate in a clean and peaceful fashion within the warm family environment by experiencing the village life, and to offer our guests meals made with organic vegetables. We offer a friendly and warm family environment and a pleasure of vacation away from the noise with our human friendly, nature enthusiastic character based on loving to serve and share what we know with our devotedness to our family.

Our Selenes Pension which is right in front of the Antique City of Herakleia and Lake Bafa is the frequented place of alternative tourists for activities such as Trekking, Bouldering, boat tour on the lake, and bird observation with its position close to popular touristic centers such as Ephesus, Bodrum, Kuşadası, Milet, Priene, Lasos.

Selenes AilesiWe are both the owners and active employees of this place. My brother Tamer works as the hiking guide, captain and waiter at the same time. He is nice to talk to, witty and easy-going. Our kitchen is run by the only employee of our hotel who was raised by our mother: Mrs NUR. She is a very clean, neat and practical lady.

Kubilay is in charge of the organisation and general management in our pension. We wish you all a nice vacation. Our desire is that you enjoy yourselves.



                                       THE MOON GODDESS SELENE AND THE SHEPHERD ENDYMION

Selene is the symbol of the moon. She is the daughter of Hyperion and Theia and the sister of the sun god Helios and the morning god Eos. She is described as a beautiful woman, flying in skies on a carriage drawn by two horses.  It is well known that she had many lovers. Her daughter Pandia was born after her relation with Zeus. In Arcadia she fell in love with the God Pan, who sent her a herd of white oxen as a gift. However, her most famous love is the handsome shepherd Endymion living in the Beşparmak mountains.

After the Greek mythology, Endymion from Latmos was a hunter and shepherd. The moon goddess Selene once seeing him sleeping in a cove used to come down from the sky at night only to watch him. Selene wished from Zeus eternal youth and sleep for her lover Endymion. After antique sources this romantic love between the young shepherd and the moon goddess in Latmos was unique. This mythological story based on a natural event as the moonrise deeply impressed all people in Anatolia as in Karia. Today visitors wishing to experience this unique mythological story come to the Bafa lake to experience the moonrise from behind the Beşparmak mountains and to watch the moonlight reflecting on the lake.

The two brothers Kubilay and Tamer were very friendly and entertaining and most keen to please. Their families were charming particularly the children. The fresh food from their farm was outstandingly well presented and delicious. The countryside and lake were beautiful. We really enjoyed the boat trip.”

Deborah, Bakersfield (US

Friendly, beatiful view, good service and eating. Very quiet. Bafa lake is very nice and we liked swimming around the isle.”


This place is well off the beaten track and very suitable for anyone wanting to get away from it all and relax. The proprietors are an excellent couple of chaps (and their families) who can arrange just about anything for you - plus they have a great sense of humour and are very sociable. There's tonnes to explore in the local area, though just chillin in the heat under the trees is amazing.”

John Miles, Leeds (GB)

“Excellent food (breakfast & dinner included), gorgeous location near the lake and ruins, unfortunately, I can't comment on the guide service due to inclement weather during our stay.”

Cindy Hamil, Salt Lake City, Utah (US)